JOURNAL # 19After delivering SPEECH 4, compose an honest self-reflection journal analyzing your What You Mean to Me speech.  What went well during the speech?  What can be improved?  Consider delivery, content, organization, and audience reaction, medium, editing and your role in the project to shape your response.    

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  1. Journal 19:
    Overall, I feel that our project for speech four was good. I am glad that I had the groupmates that I did because I feel that we meshed and worked well together. During the project, there were many things that worked well and could be improved on. One of the aspects of our presentation that worked was that we had good transition animations and background music that fit appropriately to the scene. Also, the audience seemed to enjoy our home-made microphones and our logo. Behind the scenes, we all worked hard and shared the workload. I worked on the logo, Peta-Gaye worked on the microphones, and Cassidy worked on and helped to create the background music and picture. Collectively we worked on most of the editing but Cassidy finished it for us. Plus, one challenge that the group overcame was that not all of our members live on campus, so we had to work around classes on specific days to work on the project. On the other hand, one thing that we could have worked on is possibly having more fitting outfits for the characters that we had. I admit that I could improve on this the most in the group. Also, in one part of our video, one of our group member’s legs were cut off by something that had to with the green screen. Though we could improve on these, the audience seemed to enjoy the video and I enjoyed making it with my group.

  2. Journal 19:

    For the overall presentation for speech 4, I feel that it went well. I feel that we were able to improve from our dry dry run and even our dry run. The aspects that I felt went well included being organized and being able to compose it all together with music and background. Before the whole process, we made sure that we finalized our outline. We rearranged it to make it flow more easily. By doing this, we felt ready to film. Going into the green screen room, we ended up filming our presentation in sections, as we had to keep swapping out with another group due to double booking. We made sure we knew what we wanted to say and were able to run through each section without needing to re-film. I even made sure we practiced our parts in between filming to make sure that we were solid on our part. Before even filming, we had meetings outside of class, where we were able to mostly memorize our parts, which helped in the long run. Other than that, the editing portion was able to bring what we wanted our video to look like to life. Hailey was able to put all the sections together and would ask for feedback to make sure she did not miss anything. Through suggestions, I was very pleased with how the whole video came together. Even with all this, there is one portion that could be improved. I feel that throughout the video, I found myself talking more at the camera than at the host. I can fix this by focusing more on my body language during the speech, making sure I am looking where I am supposed to be. From all this, I feel that I have been able to improve on my public speaking skills andwill be able to improve even more as I move onto the next speech.

  3. Overall, I had a fun time making speech 4 and I felt like I was able to connect better with my classmates because of the assigned group. Throughout the entire speech, I was pleased with how well my group worked together and we were always on top of getting things done. We were always very organized with getting our outline done early, picking out our background image, and assigning roles not just for who plays what– but who does what also. We all pretty much worked on the entire project together, always consulting each other how the show should be arranged and what type of persona we needed to all portray. I was very happy with how the final video came out, it took me around two hours to edit and make our intro/outro. If I were to improve on anything it would be voice projection while recording because I had to turn the volume up on our clips a lot, which reduced the resolution and made a lot of fuzzy noise.

  4. I feel that overall as a group we did very good and maybe even the best that we could. The reason I say this is because we got double-booked with another to use the green room. We were unable to watch our clips after recording them. We had no clue if they were good clips or if there were any issues with the camera or the microphone. So the videos themselves we did our best that we could. We stayed to the script that we had created so that we knew that our lines would be right. We all worked on the outline together and are very happy with the way it flowed. I was a little worried it wouldn’t flow nice but I think it turned out very good. For the editing of the video that took a lot of time and hard work. It took me multiple hours to get the video to be fully edited with the correct volume levels, green-screen effect, music, and backgrounds. It was a lot of work but in the end, I am very happy with our final product. As a group, I believe we all put in an equal amount of work and we are all happy about how our video turned out.

  5. Overall, I think that my group and I did very well with our presentation for speech four. I found speech four to have different aspect to it were easier and harder than our other speeches. For speech four I thought it was easier to present, except for being embarrassed, because I wasn’t standing in front of the room being put on the spot. In regards to difficulties I think that the editing of this video was harder than I thought it was going to be, and took a little bit more time than I thought it was going to be. After watching our presentation, I think that it came out pretty good and overall had all the aspects it needed to. It looked like one fluid video and we added music and effects and looked like it one whole production that I personally was very proud of. Everyone in our group was very helpful and made it much easier to get this presentation done on time. We all contributed equally and had our own jobs to do to get everything done. I personally helped write my portions of the speech and helped to edit the video. We all also had a fun adventure to the campus store to get the lab coat which turned into quite a process, but we still got it. I liked this presentation a lot and am very proud of how my group and I did and how it all came together looking so nice.

  6. I think that speech four was somewhat relaxing in a way. It wasn’t as overwhelming as trying to prepare a whole speech by myself, but it definitely took a lot more communication in order to pull this off since one of our classmates lives off campus. I think we forgot to add noise to the hospital scene, but it probably would have become a distraction. Also, I could have held the microphone a little higher in order to seem a bit more into it, but it’s the nerves. I was a little worried about the editing portion because I can’t edit anything even if my life depended on it. I applaud my classmate for being able to magically put everything together. I can’t really say much about the audience’s reaction because it’s not as if we we’re actually telling jokes, but I felt as if we caught their attention. I know that I need to work on slowing down when I speak. The news anchor role fit me because I like the minor detailed stuff. It appeals to my informal method of giving a speech. From the feedback I got in class, I was able to suggest ideas to help tie our project together as to why we chose to become a pharmacist. I definitely think that if I didn’t rehearse for two hours before we filmed, then we probably wouldn’t have completed the video. Abby Bloom wrote out the script of what we were going to say originally, and we all made modifications to it. Getting props together too took time, but we did it.

  7. Overall, I believe our speech went quite well. We were very organized and had prepped a lot for the speech. We all knew our lines and there were only some minor speed bumps in the road. I also believe that we had the talk show segmented out quite nicely, with the short little introductions from each of us that lead into the game and then into the question portion of the show. I also believe the game was pretty neat, incorporating the common drugs into the talk show with short little descriptions each. I thought that it was clever, too, how I could get bonus points on my next quiz for being able to tell the name of the drug (skittle) in front of me. I believe our questions were quite important questions as well. With them, we hinted at some reasons why pharmacy is really interesting and we also went over what to potentially do if you don’t get into pharmacy school, which is something I know I never thought about so that was an eye-opener for me. I do believe that I sounded a bit monotonous when I was speaking but I believe I made up for it with good eye contact with the audience (camera).

  8. Overall for speech 4, I believe that it went very well. There were a lot of things that went right and everyone contributed evenly to the work load. Abby did the logo and I did the picture and music and Peta-Gaye did the props. As for editing, we did most of it together, but I also did some finishing touches. We all worked on hard on the script, editing it as we went on and got feedback from other classmates. The time in the green screen went very well and we were finished very quick because we were prepared and ready to record. The extra time in our time slot was spent editing. For the actual presentation, we got a lot of positive feedback about our speech saying how they liked the news-casting approach and we did a good job hitting all the spots on the rubric. One thing I think we could improve on is our time and speaking. I feel as though we could have added a bit more information to make it longer and we should have slowed down our talking a little bit more like news-casters do. However, I believe speech 4 was one of the best ones yet.

  9. I think that overall our group did very well. We were able to work well together as a group and had no trouble collaborating with one another. One thing that went well was we had a solid outline that we were following and I think we did a good job of refraining from looking at our outline the whole time. One thing that I think we can improve on is our editing of the video. For some reason, it looked normal on my laptop, but appeared very saturated when it was projected. Also, there was one point in our video where it just showed the green screen which was an editing mistake made by us.

  10. Overall, speech four was alright. I think the outline of the speech was very well put together. It covers the topic and the questions flow well. The advertisement and the study work very well. I think it was very important to practice as a group but my group kept suggesting that we didn’t need to practice. I think it’s important that way we can figure out what’s to be memorized and what can be read off of the screen. In the final speech we were reading from our outline and the papers were visible in the filming. I think that was the biggest mistake. Not only that but when my group went to the green screen room for filming, we were told the room was tripole booked. There was my group and another group filming at the same time. Even though we were there for 45 minutes, more than half of that time we were waiting for the other group to finish and once it was our turn we were rushed. I believe not practicing and not having an appropriate setting to film lead to a very rushed and not focused filming.

  11. Overall, I really enjoyed making speech four. I thought it was really cool to go through the process and then see the final product with the green screen video it was amazing to see the technology aspect. I think we had a good idea for our speech and we were also able to improvise some parts making it seem more realistic and natural. I think where we could have improved was speaking up a little bit more, I often need to but it’s difficult to know how your voice projection is going to sound on the video, while you’re filming it. I though the delivery, content, and organization of our speech was all pretty well put together. The audience seemed to have a good reaction and things to comment on justifying that for us. The editing was pretty good, but I think it could’ve been better if we didn’t have to keep switching off with the other group. I think my group meshed together very well, and we were able to all benefit to the group and pick up where eachother lacked. I think we all worked hard to put out the best speech we could, with what we were given.

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