1. Reflection on dry run (to be placed on your SPEECH 4 Page too):

Watch your dry-run and take notes on things that are working and places you might recalibrate/rethink before recording.  Convert your notes into a 200 word “more pre-recording notes” and post as JOURNAL# 18.

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  1. More Pre-recording Notes (Journal 18)
    Overall I feel that our dry run was decent because we have not totally finalized our final draft of the speech. With that being said, there are many things that are already working and not working. One thing that seems to be working is that we stay true to our speech when we utilize phrases that a newscaster and reporter would actually use. Likewise, we use different characters so that we can incorporate more content in different ways. Along with this, we used a couple different scenarios that had solid information about pharmacists and the medical case at hand. Also, another big plus that is working is that everyone in our group roughly has the same amount of speech time. Therefore, everyone is pulling their weight in the project and no one is following along. Plus, in our dry-run, we used one of our background pictures that we will use in the actual video, and the audience seemed to like it. On the other hand, there are things that we need to work on. One being that we need to rehearse a bit more so that we can all sound more fluently, especially myself. Also, we should also make sure that we pay attention to the time allotment that we are given for the length of our video and plan accordingly. Though our dry run came out to three and a half minutes, I feel that with the intro music and transition, we will be all set. Another thing that we all need to work on is eye contact. This will improve as we all practice and rehearse. Along with this, we need to pay attention to the volume at which we speak. We want to make sure everyone can hear our voices in the video.

  2. Journal 18

    For our dry run, I feel that we were able to improve from our dry dry run, but there are still some areas that we can work on before our final project. The parts that I felt went well for us were our organization with our outline and being able to run through the presentation without complications. For our outline, we made sure that we incorporated everything we wanted in the talk show. We had introduction, questions from the audience and a game. We took time to prepare for our speech and we ran through a few times to make sure that we understood what we wrote and added/took away parts that we felt needed to be. For the presentation itself, we were able to run through, looking at our outline and at the audience, and we did not have any awkward pauses. We were able to go off of each other and talk as though we were all just having a relaxed and casual conversation which is what we wanted. For the parts we wanted to fix, one part was looking more at the audience. We kept looking down at our outline because we did not fully memorize what we wanted to say. We are going to make sure we meet up before our filming time to practice again what we want to say, trying not to look at the outline. Also, we saw a comment from the audience about the game and how we might want to make it earlier and have more words for the audience to understand. We are keeping this in mind, and are going to fix our game so that the audience will be able to know what we are talking about. We also want to look for more music for our presentation. We feel that if we fix these things, it will be able to make our presentation run more smoothly.

  3. From our last dry run I think that my group and I are on the right track and doing well in getting ready to record next tuesday. I think our outline is well developed and we have everything we need set in place such as our picture, sound effects, and props ready to go. In regards to things we can improve on I think just “practice makes perfect” and the more we practice as a group the better it will get. I also think I have to make my portion of the interview less robotic. By this I mean when we are doing the interview my responses need to flow better and seem more like a conversation. I also think that once we start filming everything will come into play better and we will be able to do multiple takes and edit them together to make the final product seamless. As a group I also think we need to plan out the game we are going to play a little better but that show be easy to do. Finally, I am excited to record next tuesday and see what our final product will end up looking like because my group and I have been putting in a lot of work to this and I hope it comes out well

  4. I believe our Dry Run was quite successful. Overall, there weren’t too many hiccups but there is some stuff that can be worked on. Specifically, with myself, I think I need to speak more clearly and louder in case the microphone is not near me so the viewers will be able to hear and understand what I am saying without any problems. I also think I could stand to be less monotonous because if I want the audience to be interested in what I am talking about I need to act as if I am interested as well. One other potential fix could be making the game seem more realistic instead of just having it seem like all of the answers are right there in front of us. Overall, though, I believe we did quite a decent job with our Dry Run. We didn’t forget any part of the talk show, which is good. We also didn’t go directly off of the script, we spoke mostly from the heart with a few keywords written down to give us some wiggle room for error in the talk show. I also think we did a good job making it seem like an actual talk show – we incorporated something about “next weeks show,” we made it seem like myself and Kenzie were guests on the show, we created a game for the show and of course, we answered questions too.

  5. I think our dry run went very well. We have had a pretty solid outline for the last week or so, and being able to actually read from it showed us where we want to improve and what is working. For example, reading our script out loud made us realize how we need to cut back on some questions because our dry run was 6:20– we need time for intro and outro clips and I’m afraid we will go over the time if we don’t eliminate some questions. Also, while watching our dry run I realized that during the question and answer segment, I would like to be more casual and lighthearted with the guests. After they responded to my question, I didn’t know what to commentate on and ended up going straight into another question; I feel like there is a transitioning element missing. Another thing I noticed was that we are definitely going to have to move around more. I am planning to be standing during the introduction and closing of the show and I would like to use more hand movements as well.

  6. I liked the introduction portion to the video. I think we should work on the introduction a little bit more to make it seem more realistic. I think that for each part we need to add some pictures to each scenario in order to bring the story to life. I feel as though a lot of the pharmacy things we want to say is in our presentation, but we just don’t say it. For instance, pharmacists can work in many hospital settings, but for this situation it is geared towards trauma pharmacy. I also think we are too focused on the general concept of the story path. I also think that since we aren’t doing a talk show, we need to work on setting the mood and tone in order to carry the project in the way it needs to be carried. The mood and tone can make or break the story line. I was thinking of adding a type of reporting that reaches the community in a way. Kind of like a heart-warming moment that pharmacists are actually compassionate and want the best for their patients. I want to deplete the idea that all we do is fill prescription bottles, and don’t do much socialization with our patients. One of our main job is to educate our patients on the medications that we give to them. I also think that with the way that the script is flowing, to actually add in the editing ideas and to work on transition in between scenes because that would make a major difference. Overall, it’s not a bad start.

  7. From watching the dry run, I learned that our choice of having a “professor” and a student as the guests on the show works better with our idea of having a study. The “professor” introduces the study and the student talks about what drew them to the pre-pharmacy program and how they contributed to highlighting the opportunity students in doing research. The study is something different than what other groups have and it brings contemporary research into the project. I think the segment of the advertisement works very well with the show. The advertisement covers the pros and cons of Tylenol which is something most advertisements have. I think the questions help bring thoughtful answers. However, I would like to work on my answers to make them sound more professional since I’ll be the “professor”. I think the time for the dry run was about six minutes, which is good, however, we need to keep in mind the intro and outro music. Some of the things that we need to recalibrate on are background music and background images. However, we have an idea of what we want them to look like.

  8. After watching the second dry run of speech number four, I feel that our group is in a very good spot. We have a solid script that flowed well and didn’t seem awkward or rocotic while doing our talk show. Also, we hit the time marks and are well within the time requirements of the assignment. One thing that we can improve upon is our game segment. We decided to add a game last minute in order to make the show more interesting. Before the dry run we hadn’t given the idea of the game much thought, but we now know how and when we want to implement it. Another thing that I need to personally work on is finishing my sentences. I noticed that when I was answering questions, I knew what I wanted to say but didn’t exactly know how to finish my thoughts. Before our recording we are going to practice the game and try to get our individual parts down so we can limit the amount of times that we look at our papers.

  9. After watching my dry run for Speech 4, I noticed a lot of things that were working and some things that need to be improved upon. One thing that worked really well was we were all really good with our conversation and volume. We presented to the class nice and had good elements to our presentation like having one of us standing to the side like a newscaster would with a split screen. Another good thing is we had a prop when we did our dry run so it made it seem more real and we were able to get some good feedback based on our prop. A few people said that it would be better if we only had two microphones. One for Peta-Gaye and one to pass between the interviewer and the person being interviewed. I think that this was very good feedback that we used in determining how we are going to record for real. One thing we need to improve on from watching our dry run is memorizing our lines. This will come with practice and time, but I think we just need to keep rehearsing and like the other speeches, it will come. Overall, I think that our dry run went well and we are prepared for speech 4.

  10. More pre-recording notes:
    I think we did alright for our dry run, it was the first time running it through in front of other people. I think as a group we have finalized our plan and are ready to film. Of course we need to meet again just to make sure everything is almost flawless. I am worried that when this video gets put together it may be choppy, due to the green screen room vs if we were just presenting live. I hope that other groups will also be in the same boat as us. I am not worried about the overall editing skills because kevin has done stuff like this before, but I am just a little concerned for the final product, if that makes sense. I know we have good ideas and good content, I just hope it comes across with a smooth delivery. I need to work on my responses as the show host, I can’t just say yeah and cool to everything the guests say, I need to provide a little insight. So I’ll see what I can come up with for that. I think I have a really good group for this project and we will be fine, just hoping everything will come together alright with this technology portion involved.

  11. For the dry-run, our time was a bit short. Although, with the addition of the game and the music we prepare, we should be within the time frame. Since the dry-dry run, we have been able to figure out the small details needed for our talk-show, such as, music, background, and logo. We will also need to have our music prepared (like downloading the sounds) and ready to be added to our presentation. As we prepare for filming, we are going to continuously practice and make sure that our props are ready. Generally, we have everything set in the places they are needed. However, personally, I think that I still need to work on my anxiety problems, because I tend to look down or fidget with my sleeves. I think what might help is the power poses we learned about in a previous class, but also continuously practicing might help to get me comfortable in this presentation. Overall, all that our group has left to do is film and edit our talk-show.

  12. Journal 18

    The dry-run went pretty smoothly I would say. We are a lot more prepared and ready to record than last time which is to be expected. There are a couple of tweaks I can make for myself at least within my answers. I think everything went as planned and we are well prepared to record. We have props ready, background, logo, and know pretty much how everything is going to go down. I think my group members are ready, and I wouldn’t fix anything about what they are doing either. We got some feedback from the class this time and one thing that stuck out was that I should have a redemption shot, which is kind of a joke and for fun, but I also think it makes the game show more real. We have already incorporated that into our plan now and all that is left is to record.

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