1. Reflection on (dry) dry run (to be placed on your SPEECH 4 Page too)

Watch your (dry) dry-run and take notes on things that are working and places you might recalibrate/rethink before recording.  Convert your notes into a 200 word “pre-recording notes” and post as JOURNAL# 17.

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  1. Journal 17
    While watching our dry-dry run video, I noticed many things that are working and not working. One of the things that are working include that we took up around three and a half minutes talking about our outline and what were planning on doing. This is positive because it shows that we should have no problem reaching our time requirement on our speech. Though, one the other side, this could double as a negative as well. My group will have to watch so that we do not go over the time limit. We will have to edit things that are not necessary. Plus, another thing that is working is that our group works well together. When we were in front of the class, when one of us drew a blank or could not find the right wording, someone else would pick up where the other left off. Also, another thing that is working is that we have a good layout and creative speech planned out, in my opinion. It will be interesting to see how it turns out. On the other hand, something that the group could work on is finishing our script. We plan on doing this over the weekend, and grouping back up together out before our public speaking class to make final touches and start practicing. From here we will practice with each other and on our own until recording day.

  2. Journal 17:

    For our dry dry run, I feel like we have worked out most of the details to how we want our dry run and our main presentation to go. One part we have figured out is what we want to incorporate in our speech. We wanted this to be a talk show feel with having a Q&A and having a game segment. We even have a name which is “In Our Element”. Other than that, we also have figured out the flow to our speech, being a more relaxed talk show, where the guests feel comfortable answering all the questions. The tone is in the middle where it is not a super serious speech but it is also not very comical. One gets to be entertained by the answers and the game and gets to learn from the whole experience. The last part we have figured out is the backdrop to the speech, as we have found a talk show background that matches what we wanted. The parts that we are rethinking include adding a sort of logo segment to the beginning of the speech to make it look more like the talk shows on television. Also we are thinking about the music we want to add to the speech, trying to find background music and music for the beginning segment that is more on the upbeat side. We hope that in meeting before our dry run, we can work out more of the details to our speech, and it will help with making our dry run will go smoothly.

  3. I think that there is a lot of room for growth before our final video. I like the starting point of our project so far. I also think that we should try and not stray away from the main purpose of this project. It’s easier to get caught up in the minor details and forget what our main purpose is. I think that once everyone has the fake microphones that I’ve created, the tone and mood that we are trying to portray will be a lot easier for us. We would be practicing as if we had a real microphone and it would also help with muscle memory. This way we could know our speeches without a paper in front of us. I also think that if we practice with an audio source, it could improve our speeches by providing cues to when we should say our part during the dry runs. The intro and outro music could show us flaws or loopholes in our project before it’s too late. I also think we need to get together and talk about each scenario. This way we have a setting stone as to what’s really going on in terms of what we want to say, background information, and other things. Right now, I feel as if our project is lacking that.

  4. Heading into the day of the dry-dry run, I was very nervous. I asked to meet with my classmates that were in the same group I was in earlier that morning. I thought it was a normal dry-run and realized quickly how unprepared we were to do such a thing. After meeting with them, they informed me that although were being recorded, it was not a real dry run. I felt much better and knew that we were at least on the right track. After watching the dry-dry run, the other groups mentioned that although we hadn’t gone into the details very much, our plan was good and we seemed very organized. As a group, we need to now work on our individual things alone. Depending on how I and the other groupmates do, I see ourselves in a very comfortable situation. We are finally out of the beginning stages and are working on the meat of the speech. We will be meeting up in the next few days and will polish everything in time for the dry run coming up this Monday.

  5. Overall I think our dry dry run went quite well. We addressed everything that we wanted to speak about and how we would be doing so. I think we have a pretty neat idea of having the audience members “send in” questions they would like to ask us, almost like a real talk show, except we get to create the questions so we can make sure we discuss all of the points we want to cover. I also really like our game idea because it allows us to incorporate some of the common drugs we will be working with in the pharmaceutical industry into our presentation and we can also go over the common reasons for use and side effects that come alongside them. I think that while recording though, we need to set up a better game plan for how we will transition from the questions to the game part of the show because right now we aren’t 100% sure on how to do it but we have ideas. One more thing we might rethink before shooting is the order of the questions, we have an outline of how they will go but if we don’t check all possible options we won’t know if there is a better order for the questions. Generally speaking, though, I think we are well equipped for the upcoming recording, especially given that this was only the dry dry run.

  6. After watching our dry dry run I think my group is in a pretty good spot for recording. We have most of our script set up and everything planned out. We have our script written, as well as our background picked out. As of right now I think the only thing we are missing is the music we want to use but that is easy enough and could even be chosen after we recorded because it is going to be edited in anyway. I think that we will need to practice more than we have before our recording but that will be easy and we can always make things like cue card to help ourselves and once we actually “get into character” I think we will be all set. From watching other groups dry runs we got the idea to add in game into our talk show which I think is going to help to lengthen out presentation and make it more fun and interesting to watch. I think overall we just have to come together as a group and practice and when it comes time to recording I think we will be all set and will be able to edit everything together very well and make it look good.

  7. From watching the dry-dry run video, I noticed the things that are working and the things that aren’t. I think it’s a good idea to keep the advertisement. It makes the talk show seem realistic. It also makes a good transition to the segment, assuming that we were coming back from an ad. We have a solid idea of what we want to talk about but we need to figure out the roles of the guests. This is a very important part to recalibrate on before recording the dry-run. That way we can use what we know and put it into an actual script that fits our roles so we can go off of. Working as a group has its pros and cons. My group was working well together, we all listened to one another and when someone needed help or got stuck on one thing, someone would back them up and build off of what the other is saying. On the other hand, it’s difficult to find a time where we all can meet and work on the outline. We are planning to meet on Monday before class to work on the script and try to get something together for the dry-run.

  8. After watching our dry-dry run, there are many things I believe we can both keep and improve upon. A lot of things were strong about our dry-dry run like the fact that it was long and took up a lot of time, which is good because this meant we were well prepared and know what we will be doing for our real speech. We expressed all our ideas to the audience and let them know just how we plan to do the speech and what parts we still must do for it. One thing that I do think that we can improve upon is the rehearsing and time for our speech. I think that we need to have it fully scripted out and go through it to see if we meet the time requirements and see how much we can do without big pauses or forgetting what to say. With news casting, they don’t have big pauses and always know what they’re supposed to say, so we need to have that same mindset. Overall, I think that our dry-dry run went very well, and we are already starting to improve our outline and script and creating the props.

  9. After watching our dry run from last class, there are a few ways that we can improve. First, we are thinking of adding another segment within our talk show because what we have now might not meet the time requirements. Also, we need to figure out what we are going to do for the background picture and music. We have started looking at the pictures and listening to audio but haven’t found the best fit yet. Along with that we are thinking of adding the sound of applause in a few places and need to find a free audio that works well with our show. Lastly, we need to figure out how everything is going to flow together. So far we have a rough plan of how the talk show will flow but we need to make sure that we do not look robotic.

  10. Looking back at your dry-dry runs. I think that it went pretty well. We finished our dry runs at 1 minute and 30 seconds. That felt like a good time since our outline was very unpolished and during recording and acting it out, I think that we will easily fit our video in the 4-6 minute mark. I feel good about our idea going forward but one thing I think that we are going to change the host from aaron mai to the Doctor Mai show and he’s going to be a pharmacist who is also an alumni that’s giving back to some pre pharm students with free tuition. Also we were worried because everyone else’s seems so informational that maybe our was too relaxed. We talked about it and went over the script and we feel that the speech we have to good and mixes just the right amount of fun into the speech so the viewers won’t get too bored. We just need to find some good music for our intro and outro and after that we should be all set and ready to film after our dry run today.

  11. After watching the video I watched myself move my lips and bite them constantly and it distracted me. I didn’t say much during the dry-dry run, but I did get to see what I do when attention isn’t on me and I feel uncomfortable. I can see things I didn’t realize before physically seeing myself on video. I want to look more confident, less fidgety. That part is a personal improvement I could fix, but as a group I think we are in a pretty good place. We just need to clean it up, figure out exactly what the questions will be and what Josh and myself’s answers will be. We didn’t take up much time for the dry-dry run but I feel like that is normal and should be expected as we don’t have anything set in stone and planned out 100%. The purpose was to show what our ideas were, verbalize them and present to the class to see where we could potentially improve. For the dry-run next class we will have the questions and answers prepared and be more rehearsed and “put-together” than the dry-dry-run which is to be expected.

  12. After the dry-dry run, there are things that my groups need to get done. Our presentation is a basic interview between the interviewer and the interviewee. The tone of the presentation is more serious compared to other groups, similar to Dr.Oz. The dry-dry run was only 1 minute 45 seconds, which means that we need to make our presentation longer to make our presentation about 3-4 minutes long. To resolve this problem, we are planning on adding a pharmacy related game. However, the addition of the sound effects and music will also take up some of the time. With these minor aspects to be added, I think that we will be able to make the mark. We are on track to present, but we have to figure out some minor details to the presentation. Our group is going to continue practice Overall, we need to figure out the logo, background, and the addition of music.

  13. We went into the dry run with an outline but needed to decide how we wanted to end it. We also still couldn’t decide if we should have a game show added to it. After talking about it with my group after the dry-dry run we decided to keep it the way we had it originally. Once we made that decision we started to edit the outline to make sure the questions focused on the topic. Also, we wanted to make the show have a good flow. This was the hardest part of editing our outline. After we got into the correct format we wanted it to be we then decided on finalizing roles. We had to decide if we either wanted to have two students or a student and his professor on the show. We are still looking for a good intro and outro song. Also trying to find a set that works for our show is also very hard. Everything I find online has chairs already in the background or they look very bad, in my opinion. Overall I think as a group we are working very well together and are able to get our work done.

  14. After watching my group’s dry dry run, I think we have a pretty solid outline and script for what we have planned. We met prior to the dry dry run and all agreed on what we wanted to do. I think we definitely need to set our plans more into stone but overall it is going pretty well. I like the idea of the game we are doing, but we might move the chronological order of our show to put the game in the middle of the show to make it more interesting. I also noticed that we work very well together when presenting– being up there with others takes a lot of the pressure off and we can just pick up off of one another. Obviously, we did not have our script perfected so this is something we definitely need to work on and practice rehearsing the information.

  15. Journal 17:

    I think overall for the (dry) dry run we had a pretty solid plan, but not a complete one. We needed to continue working on our outline to slidify a few things. We had a lot of good ideas, but we just needed to decide on as a group, which fit in with our tone, while being conscious of our overall time of the presentation. I think we have a pretty solid structure of what we want to do, but we also want to leave a little room for improvement, and no heavily scripted context. So our presentation will flow more naturally and not be so robotic. We hope to give off the feeling of a real talk show and as I’ve seen they’re not perfect, they stumble on a few words and make mistakes…it’s not a movie. I think as a group we work very well together, and we are able to pick up where eachother lack. We all have been working equally hard to bring the vision to life. We will continue to meet as a group to discuss things and how we want things to go. I feel like we are right on track to getting this done how we want, to the requirements.

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