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  1. For speech four, we have been brainstorming ideas for the news reporting project that we have in mind. We have split the work amongst ourselves to get certain things completed. Right now, the plan is to create a google doc to share amongst my teammates. On it I plan to have everyone state the times that they are available so that we can get together. The document will cover what was discussed in terms of possible song titles, and possible logos, and so on. We said that we’d also come to an agreement for the name of our news channel once we have a list of possible names. We discussed scenarios that could be tied to our majors and thought about how a pharmacist would contribute to such scenario. We also kind of started an outline to this project, but we don’t have everything settled yet. I’ve personally made a note to make an appointment with Digi Space to get editing and filming done. We also discussed the possible roles that all of us are going to play. I think that once we get going on the project, and actually formulate the message that we are trying to get across it will be a lot easier.

  2. I haven’t necessarily put the pen to the paper yet, except what we did in class since I have been working all weekend. However, I have been putting a lot of thought into what we could potentially incorporate into the talk show. I would really like to add to the talk show a way to express the limitless opportunities that there are for jobs in the pharmaceutical industry. I would really like to express this because it is one of the main reasons why I am studying to become a pharmacist, today. Throughout my Careers In Pharmacy class, we have had several people come in to discuss what they do in pharmacy. There have been ambulatory care workers, pharmaceutical researchers, pharmacists in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital, and many more, but one thing quite notable about every single one of these pharmacists is that, while they worked in all of those various sections of pharmacy, they were all united by the fact that they could teach. It is completely mind-boggling that these people can go from working and trying to save people’s lives and then the next day they are molding the young minds of the next generation. Being a pharmacist is such a unique job to have and I would love to be able to express that. I was thinking that, potentially, these various careers could all be grouped into a game of sorts for the talk show. It could be like a matching type card game that matches the job description with the job title.

  3. Since the last class, I have been preparing some background information for our characters and thinking of interview questions. I had to research any and all diseases that have been cured recently by pharmacists. This is important that it has to be by a pharmacist because we are all pre-pharm majors. Then for the questions, they have to be about the outline of the speech so that we can get all of the information in that we need to get a good grade. I have also been brainstorming game ideas for our group to use as our game show. We thought adding a small little game show would add comedy and a great way to ask specific questions.

  4. Journal 16:

    For speech four, we have been able to come up with ideas of how we want the speech to go. In our group we decided the style of how we want to present the speech, which is a talk show. With this, we decided what person each of us was, having a host, a pharmacy student, and a pharmacist. From that, we shared a document so we could start making our outline for the talk show. We started bouncing off ideas of how we want to talk show to go, and ways that we can make it both informational and entertaining. We came up with a few ideas such as having the pharmacist answer questions from the audience and incorporating pharmacy related games. We met up as a group outside of class and came up with questions and answers along with one of the games. We are still looking for a name for our show. Other than that, we made a note to make an appointment with digi space and we shared our schedules with each other to know when we can meet up. We shared our numbers as well with one another so that we can contact when we are free. On our own, we are thinking about what we want to say and what we want to add to the talk show. We feel that the more times we meet up, we will have more of a sense of where we want this to go.

  5. Since last class, I have worked on brainstorming for speech 4. We have a very rough outline of how we want the talk show to go. We kind of have an order of events in which we are going to do the show. I have brainstormed some questions to interview Mackenzie and Andrew– I will be the host and they will be the guests. So far, I think Speech 4 is going to be a fun project and I’m excited to use the green screen for filming. Before class this Monday (11/4) I met with Kenzie and Andrew and we wrote out questions and answers and then brainstormed an interactive game that we could do.

  6. During class last Wednesday, my group and I started to put a very rough outline together for our speech. We decided that we were going to do a talk show and assigned roles to each of the group members. We also came up with a name for out talk shows and some basic questions that the host will be asking. Since that class, out group made a shared google doc so that we can brainstorm ideas with each other, without actually having to be face to face. Our next step is to create a “script” and sort out who says what and when. We will also need to set up a time to film with the greenscreen that works with all of our schedules.

  7. Since last class my group and I have been starting our transcript for our speech/presentation. We have created a shared google docs and have a group chat for the three of us so we can discuss ideas and write our transcript. So far we have assigned role to everyone and decided on the talk show setting. I will be the host, as if I am a graduated and practicing pharmacist, so I have started to write the introduction that I want to say when the show begins. I also watched some intros to actual talk shows to get the “wheels turning” in my head to what I should and shouldn’t be including.We also started to write down some interview questions that I can ask them to answer during the interview portion of the talk show. They will be answering these questions as if they are pharmacy students at the university of new england, which they are. Our next steps will probably be assigning a time we will all practice and solidify our script as well as maybe brainstorming some intro music and logos for enhancement into our overall video. We will also need to come up with a short conclusion to tie everything together and make it so it seems like a real talk show.

  8. Journal 16

    In class we were assigned out groups and then we got right to work. First we all agreed that we wanted to do a talk show since that would be the most entertaining for us to do. At first we were having a hard time deciding what to do for the talk show so we started assigning some roles. Aaron will be the host of the talk show and kelly and I would be the two guests that came on the show. In class we were struggling on what we would talk about for the two guest during the talk show, so when we left class we all started putting down ideas on what to do for the interviews. One idea we came up with is to act like one of the guests is already a pharmacist and talk about why they are where they are and what they did to get there. Also aaron had the idea of having some comedic aspect to it by adding a funny person like how Jimmy Kimmel has Guermo. Obviously we still have a lot to work on but in class today we will get together, and work some more on coming up with Ideas and making a full story hopefully.

  9. In preparation of speech 4, my group has been figuring out what the content of our talk show. At the moment, we have a shared google doc with the group. With this shared google doc, we will have an outline of what we may say during our talk show. So far, we have an idea of who will play what role and we have some questions to be asked during the interview. However, we still need to figure out the technology aspect to the show such as, when we will come together to record this show, what music we will have playing for the introduction, and the sound effects that we plan on having. Overall, I think that with the help of the Digi-Space, our group will be able to stay on track for the in-class viewing of our speech.

  10. For speech four, we have decided on making a talk show. I’ll be one of the guests on the show. My role would be to talk about a recent pharmaceutical discovery, educate people on what pharmacists do and the field. To prepare for the show I’ve researched some of the recent discoveries and chose three to discuss them with my group and see which one we would want to talk about. I have some details on what pharmacists do. I would like to talk to my group and see if me and the other person should split up the two topics between us to see if one of us should talk about either the discovery or the job of the pharmacist. Other than that I think I have a rough idea of what my working outline would look like but I need to meet with my group to finalize everything. That way I’ll be able to get started on my personal working outline and then meet with my group again and combine all of our outlines to make a final outline with everyone’s role. That way we can make adjustments and start recording. I would also like to brainstorm ideas for a game and possibly an advertisement within the show.

  11. As a group we’ve been working on a rough outline of the questions we want to ask during our talk show style speech. We really thi-ough about what story we wanted to tell during the speech and who would take up each role. As of right now I am the host, I will be asking questions to a pharmacy student and a researcher in the pharmacy industry. The overall idea is the pharmacist is working with the student and they discovered some groundbreaking new cure for something, we haven’t decided what yet. We want to potentially come up with a fun game during the talk show like they sometimes have, or like Ellen usually does give something to the guests. Like a fake check or like a trip to further their research somewhere else. We need to get together as a group to go over the fine details, and we will also need to find a time that works for all of us to go to the green room. I hope this isn’t a challenge with our different schedules. I think overall this will be a very creative fun speech, and I am excited to work with my group to create something.

  12. Since the last class, I have been a little surprised. When talking about the speech in the entire class, I assumed we would be choosing our own partners. I was very surprised when I was assigned partners with my other partners. I am happy I was paired up with a group that wants to do well. We set up a google doc shared with everyone and are still in the very early stages of our talk show. We now have a very general outline but have not dived deep into anything whatsoever. We now have to work on our individual parts a little bit more to prepare for the upcoming dry run. I am feeling much better about the assignment after today’s class, but I am still nervous about the editing, filming, and technological side.

  13. I was not able to attend class when we went over speech 4, however, my group members have kept me very involved and let me know what we went over and what the plan for our next speech is. My group has created a Google Doc since last class, and everyone has been adding different ideas and points that we want in the speech to the document. We have a pretty detailed document so far with everything listed on what we are doing and how we will do it. We are all in pharmacy, so we know that we will all relate to each other in our major and this helps with what our speech will be about. We know that we will be taking a news casting path where we will all be news reporters telling our audience about breaking news about an alcoholic outbreak and how we, as pharmacists, play a role in helping with this situation. We also have some of the smaller but important details worked out like the possible names of our news casting program, our logo, music, and what we are going to wear. I think that we have something good to go off of and this will lead to an easier time creating our actual speech and rehearsing it.

  14. Journal 16
    Since last class, me and my group mates have made a decent amount of progress. We have taken different roles within the project and assigned the story and characters that we will play. We have decided that our speech is going to be a newscast with stories about things that have to do with pharmacy. Within this, Peta-guye will be a news anchor, and Cassidy and I will switch off between the field reporter and the person being interviewed. Also, we have created many different shared documents so that we can be as organized as possible. These would include that a document that shows the media that we have picked like images and pictures that we have taken, another one is the rough idea draft of what we could possibly include. On this document we also update it on what each person has to do as homework for the project. Then the last document is the outline for speech four. In addition, some of the roles that we each have taken on is that Cassidy takes pictures and creates the music, Peta-guye also looks for music and helps to make our microphone props, and I created our logo picture.

  15. Our group has decided on a talk-show approach with Aaron being our host. We also discussed a possible game show theme as well to make it more entertaining to watch. Josh and I would be guests/contestants on the show, still staying true to the assignment, we would answer questions about why we wanted to be Pharmacists and more information about the profession itself. We have a google doc that is shared between us and we can add to it from wherever we are so we don’t have to be physically together if we want to work on something. We want to get together to practice and see how things are coming together, and narrow down the game we want to play. Aaron I think came up with the idea for playing for free tuition at UNE, while he is a pharmacist that recently finished pharmacy school. Our next step is to finalize, get questions and answers written out, figuring out the details.

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