1. JOURNAL # 15: After delivering SPEECH 3, compose an honest self-reflection journal analyzing your What You Mean to Me speech. What went well during the speech? What can be improved?  Consider delivery, content, organization, and audience reaction in your response.   

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  1. Journal 15
    I think that overall, my “what do you mean to speech” was decent, but there was a part that was rough near the end. I feel that in the amount of time that I prepared for this speech compared to my last speeches, that the speech went well. This speech I feel like I had less time to prepare for it because I had to present on the first day, whereas for the other speeches, I presented on the second day and had more time to practice. During this speech, I feel like I was much more relaxed and could “adverb” and go off the cuff much more than my last speeches, but I hit a rough patch near the end. I lost track of where I was in my speech and I had to look at my orknot to help me find my place. The issue was that I could not find my spot on the paper. This lead to me getting side tracked for a second or two longer than it should have. From my feedback cards, the audience that I had lost my train of thought as well and that I could slow down my speech a bit more. Also, I could try to move around less next time. On the other hand, I got some positive feedback from my cards as well. They thought that I had good eye contact and that I seemed confident and not nervous. Also, my cards said that from the previous speeches to this one, I have I proved a lot on my use of my transition words and flow.

  2. I personally really enjoyed writing and presenting speech #3. Being able to speak on behalf of my dad really made it easy and made me feel more comfortable while I was speaking in front of the class. I also think that this speak was much better than my others in regards to feeling more confident as well as making more eye contact and projecting my voice better. As we have been doing more speeches and getting the hang of practicing and knowing my strengths and weaknesses my speeches have gotten much better. The one thing that I am still having trouble with and know that I messed up on this speak with is the timing. I always end up talking really fast even if I don’t mean and I really try to slow myself down, but it never seems to work. In connection with that I think that it caused me speech to come in under the time it was supposed to be, which was three minutes. I personally think that toast speeches should be shorter, but I understand that I should still be meeting the time requirement for my speeches. Overall I think that this was the best speech yet this semester and it was definitely the one I felt most confident while doing.

  3. When I sat down after this speech, it was the best that I had felt after a speech. I was not shaking and I felt confident that I had a solid speech. I know there are different things that I can work on for sure, I was mumbling and forgot my train of thought at times, but I still felt like I did a good job. Talking about my sister gave me a safe space almost. Talking about someone I care for deeply allowed me to kind of run on about her because I did not have to look at my paper to know what I think about her. Having my outline bulleted, with some lower and some bold, was very helpful. I could improve on many things still. My clarity of voice, for example, needs to become more articulate and loud. According to the feedback, my filler words, as well as my pacing of the speech, can be worked on. I’m going to try to combat this by going over my outline until I do not need it and breathing more to control the pace of the speech.

  4. I really enjoyed being able to give a speech about my best friend. I wish he was there to hear it but he knows how much he means to me and I know he feels the exact same way. I felt like I did a much better job of using fewer filler words during speech #3. I also felt a lot more confident when going up to present, but while I was up there I felt like I went blank on my lines. I knew that I was looking down to much and when I looked up I felt like everyone was giving me weird looks. I know they weren’t but I always tend to think in the most negative way possible. Next time I have this feeling I’m gonna try just taking a quick breath and tell myself you are doing good. I had almost every classmate tell me that I need to work on my eye contact for the next speech. I totally agree with their feedback and will come more prepared and confident throughout the speech. I also think that I psyched myself out because this was my first time going on the first day, I also went third. I still have been getting good notes on how my voice is very loud and that it is being projected very good to the back of the room. I also received a lot of feedback saying that I look more confident and that I improved a lot since speech one. Overall I felt like I still did good during this speech but I messed up a little bit with my eye contact but that will be an easy fix before the next speech.

  5. I felt pretty good after delivering speech 3. Speech 3 was probably the most difficult speech thus far because we had a smaller amount of time for preparation and it was about something that needed to be more memorized rather than the second speech. However, I think that the other two speeches prepared us well for this one and I think everyone overall improved. As for me, a few areas that I think went very well were my volume and movements. I really tried to talk louder during this speech because I have gotten multiple comments about how I do not speak loudly when I am presenting so I told my mind that I needed to raise my volume. I think that it worked at the beginning, but toward the end, I started to get back to my quieter level because I got more into the speech and forgot about my goal of speaking louder. I will try to improve upon this for next time as I will continually remind myself to speak louder. Another thing that I believe was a strength of my speech was my movements. I have always done very well with hand movements and eye contact in my previous speeches and kept it up in this speech. However, something I did differently in this speech was I started to move away from the lectern and move around more during my speech. I think that this was a bold move and showed that I had confidence in my speech and didn’t need to stand still and look robotic. I wanted to relate more to my audience, so I decided to move around more. I got some feedback from the audience and a few commented on this movement and said that they thought it was nervous fidgeting and that I should stay at the lectern. I will reflect on this feedback but will continue to do whatever makes me the most comfortable in delivering a speech. Overall, I believe that I was well prepared for this speech and had a good organization of my thoughts. For my next speech, I will continue to work on my volume and moving about more confidently.

  6. Overall for speech number three, I think that I did a decent job. One thing that went well for me was the memorization of my speech. Although I had to reference my outline a couple of times, overall I refrained from using it. Also, making my outline so that it only has a couple of words for every bullet point helped me to not rely on my outline. One thing that can be improved was the length of my speech. I don’t know exactly how long my speech was, but it felt shorter than three minutes. Also, at times I held good eye contact with the audience, but after a while it makes me feel uncomfortable so I tend to look down at my outline even if I don’t need to, which sometimes makes me lose my place. Overall, I think that my speech was easy to follow for the audience because it was in the form of a story. A couple of things that I am looking to improve on for the next speech is pacing myself, practicing my speech more (with an audience), and trying to make eye contact with the audience for my whole speech.

  7. I organized my speech well and I practiced many times. I think the introduction went well. In terms of content, I couldn’t focus on what I was saying so I ended up telling half of my story and I stumbled transitioning from one point to another. That’s because before giving the speech I lost confidence in what I knew and what I practiced. I felt like I needed more time and the fact that I was presenting on the first day overwhelmed me. I feel like because I was thinking I was going to do bad, I ended up getting nervous and not focused. I tried to get myself together and tried to remember what I practiced but I was too nervous. I ended up standing in front of everyone not remembering anything which led to me looking at my outline more than I liked. Halfway through giving the speech, I noticed I was using filler words, I tried to use better transitional words instead but that just got me sidetracked. On the other hand, the audience gave me positive feedback. They said I looked more confident than my previous speeches. That my voice has gotten clearer. They also suggested that I use fewer filler words and that I need to speak slower and louder.

  8. I think that my delivery could’ve went better, It was hard for my to follow my outline but also remember what I wanted to say. I thought this was a very important and meaningful speech, so the thoughts running through my head were kind of distracting me. Although I think I did convey the message I was hoping to to the audience, a lot of the feedback said things like-we needs more people like your cousin in this world, that I showed her good qualities about her, and that I had good content/stories. This was a big win for me because leading up to the live presentation I thought that this would be a very difficult speech considering that nobody besides myself knew Jade. Something else that I am proud of is my voice being louder. A lot of my feedback that was what I’ve improved on through the speeches was that my voice has gotten more clear and confident. More importantly the whole entire class didn’t say I had to improve on my volume, like they did in my last two speeches. I am not exactly happy with the delivery, but I am very happy with my tone of voice, finally.

  9. I feel that overall, my speech went pretty well in some aspects but there is still room for improvement. When it comes to preparation for the speech, I believe I had the right amount of practice time and it was able to help as I could remember most of what I wanted to say without looking at my outline. Other than that, I feel that I was able to make solid eye contact with my audience and I was able to use hand motions to connect more with the audience. The last part I believe went well was that I tried to make sure that I spoke in a loud voice so that everyone could hear me. Although I thought these went well, there are some parts that I thought could be better. I could tell that I was nervous in the beginning of my speech, which made me seem more stiff, but as it went on, I was able to become more relaxed. Other than that there were a few moments that I caught myself looking at my outline when I did get nervous and I feel like if I just calmed down more and did not get so nervous, I could have remembered everything I wanted to say. With all this said, I feel like if I can work on some of the nerves before giving a speech, it will help in the long run with the two more speeches we have to give this semester.

  10. I definitely feel like Speech 3 was my best speech yet and I’m so happy about that. Before all my speeches, I get very nervous and my sympathetic nervous system goes off like crazy. However, for this speech, I was able to calm down A LOT faster than I used to and from my point of view, I thought I slowed down my talking a lot more and didn’t think my voice was shaky like it normally would be. After I gave the speech I felt much better than I normally do. I think what was so different about this speech was the content in it– I could talk about my mom for days. Being able to express the relationship I have with her and what she means to me was easier said than done, because I was at a loss of words at first, but once I started writing it’s like I couldn’t stop. So I do think the component of being comfortable with the topic made the delivery a lot easier. Also, I rehearsed more than I have in the past– this time I rehearsed to myself in one of the study rooms in the commons alone and filmed myself as we do in the dry runs. This helped me realize what part I could add in longer pauses because even alone, I was rushing. So, I added delivery cues of PAUSE at the end of each paragraph and I think this was a big contributor to me being more confident delivering. As for the feedback I received, a pretty common critique was to use more body language and motions. I can definitely agree with this because I know that I don’t move at all– I’m so focused on my pacing, calming down, and voice projection and totally forget about movement. This is something I would like to work on for the next speech.

  11. Looking back on my speech, I believe it was of a better quality than my previous speeches. I used a lot more eye contact, I was still fast paced but much less so than before, and I also spoke in less of a robot manner and more like a human. I was able to use more eye contact because I practiced looking around a lot while going over my speeches to prepare me to use more eye contact while delivering my speech. I spoke at a slower pace because I practiced my speech as slow as I could since I knew that on the actual day of my speech I would be nervous and speak faster than planned. I was able to speak more like a human in this speech and less like a robot because I practiced giving my speech from the heart – I had a few phrases on my paper to keep me on track but everything I said was sincere and not read from a sheet of paper. Overall, I still need to improve my pace and the monotony in my voice. My pace is still too fast for an ideal speech and my voice is still too monotonous. I can improve my pace by practicing in more nerve-wracking situations and I can decrease the amount of monotony in my voice by becoming more passionate during my speech.

  12. I think I could have done better. I kind of like this new method that I’ve developed to practice for my speeches. I was a little scared of the idea of not being able to maintain eye contact with my audience because I often times break character. I knew for a fact that the story of my mom’s journey would help me captivate my audience. I also felt like my three minutes and thirty second speech went faster than I anticipated. The nerves are still there, but I held myself together. During my rehearsal, I noticed this problem that the way I wanted say something did not come out the way I had it on paper. However, it sounds just right when I presented. I was trying to put fewer words on my keynote, but I felt like I would have forgotten everything. I think the four things I have to work on is voice control, fewer words for my speech, my nervousness, and speaking slower which really isn’t bad. I think being organized has played a big factor in speech three and sounding out my speech to see if things were going in chronological order. I didn’t quite know what to do with my hands. I hope that I don’t do too much. I feel like every time I gain something; I lose something in return.

  13. When presenting my speech I feel like I have improved. Before giving this speech, I was anxious and I did not think that it was going to be great. Prior to this, I had practiced at home and I tried to make my speech better with the help of the feedback I got from the dry runs. Through the dry runs, I was able to feel more comfortable with giving my speech and get feedback on what I should add to my speech. When I presented, I felt like I got flustered then started talking really quickly. Based on the feedback I had received, I had also lost eye contact and started using a lot of filler words. With the feedback I will be able to figure out what I need to improve this skill. Aside from this, I had a clear voice when I was giving my speech. In my opinion, having a clear voice was a goal, because I have the tendency to mumble when I give a speech, therefore I was glad to find that my voice was clear. Overall, I still have room to improve, but I think that this speech turned out better than I had imagined.

  14. My speech did not go as planned. I had started off my speech the way I had intended, I felt good about it… too good. I then thought to myself I didn’t need my outline anymore, I’ve got this down cold. I then blanked on what part of my speech came next, and the panic set in. I forgot everything, who was my speech even about again? I then tried to go off of whatever I felt as though I could be in my speech. I still have no idea if I ended up repeating myself and going over the same points twice. All this panic caused me to forget about the powerpoint I had made to give the audience something to look at other than me, and possibly stay slightly more engaged. I missed all the key words during my speech that indicated when to turn the slide. Until my last talking point, I hit the key word and suddenly my body was flooded with dread. I had forgotten about the slide show behind me, and remembering that it was graded, I tried to think fast on my feet whether or not to go through the slides and say what I knew to say about them. I ended up not, and I change my mind now. I guess I should have talked about them, I could have probably thought of a clever way of incorporating them even though I was off my outline. I want to work on staying calm if I do veer off my outline so that I can remain clear-headed in order to find my way back.

  15. Journal 15

    Reflecting back on my speech 3 I think that it went a lot better than I expected it to. Normally for speeches I’m confident before I go up to speak but for this one, I was really nervous at first. I think this is because past ones I didn’t need to focus on my outline as much, but for this speech I did and I was worried that I may lose my place or something. Starting off the speech I could tell that I was going at a fast pace, and then throughout the speech I felt myself calming down. Once I calmed down my pace got a lot better. Also, my eye contact got a lot better too because as I got more comfortable the less I looked at my outline and had better eye contact. Somethings that I did well on was I thought that I had a very clear voice and it was easy to hear and understand once I slowed down. All and All I believe that this speech went very well, and I’m happy with the performance that I had.

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