1. Watch your 2 dry-runs and take notes on things that are working and places you might recalibrate/rethink before the delivery next time. Convert your notes into a 200 word “self-feedback letter” and post as JOURNAL# 14.

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  1. When looking back at my two dry runs, I could tell that some aspects went well and there are areas for improvement . In preparation for these dry runs, I had my outline all ready with what I wanted to say in my speech which made it easier when giving the delivery. While giving the dry runs, I was able to talk in a clear voice, use hand motions, and use expressions. While I was practicing for the dry runs on my own, I wanted to make sure that I made the speech not as monotoned and was using clear expression. The last part that I thought well in these dry runs was that I used a good volume when I spoke, where everyone could hear me. Even with these parts going well, there are areas that could get better. I feel that I got some eye contact with the audience so that we could connect, but not as much as I would have hoped. The reason for this is because I feel like I needed a bit more preparation. I feel that although I had some good eye contact, I did catch myself looking at my outline a few times. If I could run through it a few more times before my presentation, it would help in the long run.

  2. My first dry run video is so much better than my second. I tried to look at my outline less, and use a slightly different speech to see which one an “audience” would react to better. I am going to go with the first speech outline, and work off of that. I am going to definitely clean it up, add another story, and add transition words so that it flows better. Eye contact I wasn’t thinking about at all, and it shows. I definitely will be more conscious of that on delivery day. I also will have visuals that I did not have or use in my dry run, so I will need to practice incorporating that into my speech, be conscious of timing and body language. I really don’t like to watch these videos, or any videos for that matter, of myself. It makes me cringe and get squirmy. I hope I only act like that when I know there is a camera on me and I don’t actually look that awkward all the time in day to day situations. I will try to do it in front of a mirror, where I think I would be more comfortable, environment wise. Last speech I practiced in front of my roommate and had her critique me because I know she will be brutally honest, if she has to be. I sometimes add things last minute and ask her if it’s too weird or awkward to say, I trust her judgement apparently.

  3. Journal 14
    After having watched my dry-runs, there are many things that I am proud of and that are working, but there are also numerous things that I need to work on. One thing that went well is that my eye contact was good overall, especially for not having a lot of time to practice. I really only needed to look at my prompt to see what the next topic that I wanted to talk about was. The only negative about my eye contact was that in the video, I could tell that I blink a lot. I am not sure if this something that I do on speech day as well as in the dry run, but that I something that I cannot control. Plus, in my first dry-run, I felt that I was able to add in a little humor to lighten the mood a little. On the other hand, there are many things that I can improve on. One thing would be I need to work on my hand motions. For this speech, I am not performing a skill, so my hands are not busy doing something the whole time. Also, I need to work on my filler words because in my dry runs, I was not as prepared as I could have been. In addition, I did not make the time requirements. I got to about two minutes and thirty seconds, so I am adding in another personal story.

  4. After some helpful critiques, I have learned that my speech is quite dense. I was oblivious to this before as I wrote the speech so I knew what to expect next, but after giving it some thought, my speech is mostly one big block of text that seems to ramble on over and over. Especially after re-watching my dry runs I notice how long and tedious my speech seems. This robot-like manner that I give me speech in can be fixed though, it will just require some spitballing. The best way to get rid of a speech that seems simulated is to do the exact opposite, give it on a whim. My examples came from the heart so my speech should too if I want it to sound genuine. The speech won’t necessarily be given all willy-nilly though, if I want to incorporate all of the information about my father, I will need to have some key points written down to keep me on track. My main points of dialogue shouldn’t come from a piece of paper, though, if this person if that important to me then I should be able to commemorate them without a scripted speech.

  5. When it comes to my dry runs for speech three, I do believe that they went very well and we’re a lot better than my two dry runs from speech two. After watching my two dry runs I do think that I am prepared for speech three, however I do think that there are some areas that I can improve upon. I think that I can improve upon not looking at my outline as much. I think that I looked at it too much and this might cause lots of points on my actual speech so I think that I should memorize it and rehearse my speech a little bit more so that I don’t look at the paper as much. Another thing that I can improve upon which I know that I have to do to my other two speeches is my volume. I’m not good at speaking loud during speeches and I’m not entirely sure why, so I need to be able to keep working on my volume and speak louder during my speeches. I would also like to improve upon moving around more in the speech as it is a toast and I think that it would mean a lot more if I was interacting with the audience and moving around more. Some strengths of my dry runs are that I am very good with eye contact and hand motions which I have been in my other two speeches so I can keep that up for the speech. Another strength in these dry runs is that I connected with the audience a lot. Overall I think my dry runs went very well and I am excited for speech three!

  6. I think that these videos are the best rehearsal I’ve gotten out of the dry runs. I really felt like this time I could really articulate what I wanted to say to my audience. I think that with these videos I need to pick or combine ideas as to what I want to say about my mom, because it is kind of unclear. I know for a fact that I wanted to talk about how her life experiences affect mine, and how far along in life she’s come. I need to work on my introduction and conclusion to make this speech flow better. The body paragraphs may need a little adjustment, but it doesn’t require as much work as the beginning and end of the speech. I think that the first video had too much details that wasn’t needed, and it took away from the speech. I really like the story I added towards the end and I think I may incorporate that into my final speech. I need to remember to make eye contact with my audience. I mean the floor is lovely to look at especially with all the decorative items laying there like dust, but it won’t do me much justice now will it? However, I felt like the second video was a lot more organized and showed me what I really wanted to say. I think I’m going to base my speech off of the second video and then make adjustments from that.

  7. Based off of the two dry runs I did in class on Monday I have noticed the different strengths and weaknesses within my speech. I believe that one of my strengths in my introduction. I think that it is comical and I know it pretty well. I think that these few sentences that I start my speech with will grab my audience’s attention and make them laugh a little which will encourage them to listen more. In regards to weaknesses right before my dry runs on Monday I decided to swap out one story in my outline for another and I wasn’t able to fix my outline entirely before class. This caused me to have a weird open gap in between my second main point and my conclusion. It caused my speech to not flow as well during my dry runs and make me rush the ending. Since then I have fixed my outline now so that it flows much better and doesn’t seem choppy. Finally during my dry runs I was having a hard time pushing my speech to three minutes personally because I think a toast that is three or more minutes long is a little too long for a toast at a party, but when it comes down to my real presentation I just have to remember to take it slow. Overall I think that I have a good overall speech and hope I present it well on Wednesday.

  8. Watching the two dry runs for speech three, I definitely need to work on memorizing my speech. Since this speech has so much content, it will be important for me to not solely rely on my outline and make sure I can deliver it without referencing the outline as well. Also I need to go back and revise my outline. My dry runs were both under the time limit which means I need to add more detail within my speech. Lastly, I will need to make a final draft of my outline, that is in depth enough so I can reference it when I get stuck, but not long enough so that I am only using the outline to read from.

  9. We were asked to do 2 dry-runs for this speech. Personally, I think these are helpful, because the dry-runs ease you into the actual speech. During both my dry-runs, my speech was short of 3 minutes by about 30 seconds. For both runs, I think that my voice was clear and I was able to say everything that I wanted to. In my opinion, this is an improvement from the previous speech, because I had a tendency to mumble my words together. However, the flow of the speech did not flow the way I wanted and I continuously tugged at my sleeves. To improve on this, I want to rearrange my outline so that when I present it does not sound ‘all over the place’. I would also try and calm myself down before the presentation, making my anxiety decrease. Also, I want to add another story about my aunt so that I can extend the time further to about 3 minutes. With the revisions that are to be made and practice, I think I will be ready for my speech on Monday.

  10. The two dry runs were the first time I practiced my speech. I noticed that my working outline is weak. I think I have a good idea of what I want to keep in my speech and what to take out. I needed to connect my stories better and make better transitions. Some of the stories didn’t blend in well so I took them out of my speech. I stumbled a lot when I was trying to transition from one thing to another. Because I didn’t do enough practice beforehand I wasn’t able to recall any of my speech so I was reading from my outline the whole time. I find it difficult to memorize the speech because it does not all talk about one thing the person has or has done. I didn’t make the time required for the speech is neither dry runs and I would like to practice more and add more information to make my speech longer. I would like to use less filler words and try to add more transitional phrases instead. I would like to look at my outline less for my final speech and make good eye contact like the previous two speeches.

  11. The things I need to work on are as follows. Time; this is a big one for me since both my dry runs were only a little over two minutes. I think I will definitely be able to reach the time mark if I slow down a little and go into a little more detail about our stories. If I focus on sharing a little bit more of one of our memories I will definitely be able to hit the time when its live. This will also give me a time cushion for if I talk too fast or forget a few things I want to say
    I’d also like to work on speaking up. Just like I was hoping for in speech one and speech two. This is something I’ve really been trying to get better at. I am definitely going to try to raise my voice more than normal and work on projecting my voice to the crowd. I also want to work on making sure that what I say is clear and easily understood. I hope I don’t get tripped on what I want to say since I have so much I want to say, I need to make sure I don’t drag it on for too long since it is a toast, and I’m just hoping everything makes sense in context, since its not her actual wedding and she’s not there to hear it.

  12. This deadline snuck up on me honestly. It may have been a typo, but I thought that the dry runs were going to be done on a Wednesday. By the time I learned that the dry runs were on Monday, I only have ideas and a working outline that only had paragraphs on what I knew I wanted to say. The only thing that really worked was the introduction, people seemed to enjoy how I started off speaking of my parents and 180’d it to talk about my sister. I want to add a little slideshow and possibly a story because neither of my dry runs reached a 3-minute mark. This is the most unprepared I had been when doing something like this and I think it really showed. Last time we did dry runs I was basically ready for the speech and was polished by the time the speech came. I need to make a more organized outline and rehearse with roommates before the actual speech comes. Unfortunately, I have to go on the first day of speeches.

  13. I feel like my strengths coming into the dry run are that I have a very good set up for my speech. I think the way I’m presenting it will make the audience stay focused. I am going to describe how we met then I’m gonna go into a deep talk about our friendship and how close we are. Then I’m gonna tell a story about us doing something funny but stupid. I had to pick a story that was appropriate and funny for class. My main worries with the dry run are what my conclusion is gonna be and if it will sound good to other people. I am leaning towards saying my last regards to him. My other worries are taking to much time to deliver my speech. I know I can talk forever about stories, memories we have and describing how we met. I am normally worried about being too short but this time I think I may go way over time.

  14. After watching my 2 dry runs for journal 3, I would definitely like to work on memorization with my speech. I had to look at my outline a lot more than I would have liked and think I can improve this through rehearsals. Another thing I noted when watching my dry runs was that I was very fidgety. My movements didn’t have anything to do with my speech and I think I was just moving around to get rid of the nerves. Now that I am more aware of this, I am going to try to focus on this when actually presenting. A major thing I noticed in my videos was how much I said the word “so.” It got to the point where it was very distracting and hard for me to focus on the speech because I just started counting how many times I repeated the word. However, I did like the pace and projection of my voice. And I think the organization of my speech is awesome.

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