1. JOURNAL# 13: What are your strengths as we approach the dry run? What are your anxieties? Spend 20-30 mins thinking and writing these ideas down.

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  1. Journal 13:

    For the dry run for next class, there are parts to my speech that I am still trying to put into place. When it comes to my outline, I am still trying to work out how to finish off my speech to leave a lasting impact on the audience. I have tried to look up different ways to end a commemorative speech and although I have been able to come of with a few ways to wrap up the ending, I still am trying to make sure it sounds well put when reading it. The other part I am anxious for is trying to prepare and not look so much at my outline. This speech is a sentimental speech and I want to make sure that it does not sound as though I am reading it all off of the paper. I want it to look like I mean what I say and know what I am talking about. Other than that, I do have parts to the speech that are working for me. I have been able to come up with an outline for the person I want to talk about and have broken up why I am talking about him into three separate categories. I also have been able to incorporate anecdotes into the outline to make it more personal. With some more preparation and time, I feel that that dry run next class will go smoothly.

  2. I should try and not overthink it. Also, making eye contact with people is going to be so weird. It’s not as if I don’t know my audience but it’s a general rule not to stare at people. I kind of wish that I had those googly eyes that I could stick over my eyelids. I’m also worried about setting the right mood and tone. Sometimes I get carried away when giving a speech like a eulogy, where I need to be serious and I end up telling jokes all the time. I have to be careful with that. I’ll work on looking down during my speech because I feel like it gets in the way of maintaining eye contact. I’m also nervous about being ready to give a speech in front of my audience, and then the words in my frontal lobe go for a dangerous walk where they never come back. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen because I know what I want to say since it’s something I know. I’m hoping to put a couple of jokes in the speech, but I don’t know for sure yet. If I could improvise this, I’m sure I would get an A. I think that as long as I rearrange my speech so that it makes sense there shouldn’t be any problems (other than a mild heart attack). This is speech is still a work in progress.

  3. Journal 13
    There are a couple of things that I am nervous about for speech three. One of those things is that I feel that this speech will be harder to remember than my earlier speeches. For speech two, it was something that I could demonstrate, meaning that I knew the steps of folding a towel really well and I did not need to look at my paper at all. For this, it is more about someone else and stories about them. Therefore, I will have to put a lot of effort into really understanding what I wrote down so that when I present I will not have to look at my prompt, and so that I will sound less scripted. Another thing I’m anxious about is condensing my script into my bullet notes that I usually use. I feel that for this script, it is more difficult to condense because it’s more of a story and less about steps.
    On the other hand, I’m excited that I can rehearse and practice a toast speech because if I ever have to give one in real life this would be really good practice for that. Also, I’m talking about my aunt and she is really special to me. For this speech, what is going well is that I am starting to form a good rough draft. Also, I like how I am organizing it. The process I’m using is making it more organized and clear for what I want to get accomplished.

  4. I think the dry runs we do in class are very helpful and provide good insight on what we each need to work on individually as well as what our strengths are. Going into our dry run on Monday I believe that my strengths are that I feel well prepared as well as that I have a topic that I care about and that has meaning. Since I am doing a speech (toast) about my dad I want it to be really good so that will push me to make it as good as I can. I also believe one of my strengths going into the dry run is that I know the material well. Seeing that the whole speech is about my dad I am pretty confident that I know alot about him so I won’t have to look at my outline very much. My weaknesses for my dry runs is the acting portion. Since my speech is as if I am doing a toast for my dad at a birthday party of his, but I will actually be standing in front of my class not at a birthday party I think acting as if i was is going to be the hardest part. Another weakness I think I’ll have is that no one knows my dad. I believe incorporating a face to the name for our speech and projecting a picture of the person would be very helpful in delivering this speech. Overall I am excited for this speech and hope it comes out well.

  5. Journal #13
    For my speeches, the preparation is something that I am never anxious about. I believe I come up with decent ideas that I can roll with and get a good grade, but my real problem comes at the executions. I put in a lot of practice and nothing seems to help besides actually getting up in front of the class and doing a speech. I feel good about how the outlines are going right now, however, I still need to remember a story about my older sister and incorporate it. Last speech I felt very comfortable because it was a lot more talking and showing a magic trick rather than “public speaking.” I am excited about the dry runs because it will let me know what I need to improve on and which parts of my speech go well.

  6. As we are approaching the dry runs, I feel like I have a really good outline done. I would definitely like to polish it up after dry runs but I know I have a stable foundation now. I definitely need to go over my speech and rehearse a lot more; I feel like I haven’t had enough time to write and rehearse this speech as I did last speech. The topic of this speech, I’m hoping, is going to be easy to talk about because I am going to be talking about my mom; I feel like she is one of the top people who I know like the back of my hand so I’m hoping I won’t be as anxious to give this speech. Regarding being anxious though, I really am just nervous about my voice being shaky and losing my breath again. I felt more than prepared for my speech 2 before I gave it, but when I actually started speaking it was like I forgot everything I had planned for. I’m hoping that I will be able to get through this speech because it is dedicated to my mom.

  7. With speech 3, I feel confident about it, but I also have many anxieties around it as we approach the dry run. I feel like I need to have it written out more and rehearsed more because I don’t have what I want to say fully memorized yet. I am most anxious about messing up with this speech because I want it to feel real and thoughtful so I think that I may be more nervous because of this and forget what I want to say or take too long of pauses. This speech is also personal because it is about someone who we care about and what they have taught us in life and there are a lot of personal matters that contribute to this, but I don’t want to discuss in class. However, there is a lot working in this speech. I have everything outlined that I want to say, and I could talk for a long time about this person, so I don’t have any anxiety about the time or running out of things to say. I also have a lot of all emotions in my speech where I tell a funny story about the person and I have a more serious matter that the person helped me through so it can convey to the audience just how special this person is to me.

  8. I feel like my strengths coming into the dry run are that I have a very good set up for my speech. I think the way I’m presenting it will make the audience stay focused. I am going to describe how we met then I’m gonna go into a deep talk about our friendship and how close we are. Then I’m gonna tell a story about us doing something funny but stupid. I had to pick a story that was appropriate and funny for class. My main worries with the dry run are what my conclusion is gonna be and if it will sound good to other people. I am leaning towards saying my last regards to him. My other worries are taking to much time to deliver my speech. I know I can talk forever about stories, memories we have, and describing how we met. I am normally worried about being too short but this time I think I may go way over time.

  9. Overall I am not too worried about the dry runs, I am now quite confident in the content of my speech as well as other aspects of it, but I do have some things that I am nervous about. I am confident in my content because I believe it expresses clearly how important my father is to me and how much of an impact he made on my life. I am also proud of the examples that I used because I have come to realize how much these moments affected me since finishing up my speech and I believe they are some of the best examples of how my dad has impacted my life. One last thing that I am proud of is my introduction because I believe I introduced the topic of my speech concisely and with minimal unnecessary words. I am quite nervous about my eye contact though because I have a tendency to forget to look at my audience. I am also nervous about my memorization because I know that I can have it committed to memory better, I just need to practice more. The last thing that I am nervous about is my conclusion because I think I can add one more sentence at the end to wrap up my speech in a more suitable fashion.

  10. I feel good about doing dry runs next class that way I can make improvements before giving my final speech. Some of the things that are working. I think I have a good theme for the speech. I think the theme fits the style of the speech. I am satisfied with my introduction. I think it does a good job of introducing the person and the theme. I am still working on the body and conclusion. Some of the things that I’m nervous about include not having a good working outline. I’m still not sure what stories to add. I have so many to choose from but I want them to be meaningful and I want once that will go along with my theme of respect and kindness. I don’t want my speech to sound choppy so I would like to continue working on my transitions between the stories to connect everything. I’m nervous if I continue to make changes to my outline, I’ll not have enough time to practice my final speech. I’m nervous about not making the time required for the speech because of not enough practice.

  11. So far for speech 3, I have a pretty solid outline. Unlike other speeches my outline goes more in depth rather than just having a few key words. One of the things that I am most anxious about is not reading from my outline. Since I have a more in depth outline I need to focus on only referencing my outline when I absolutely need it rather than solely relying on it. I am also anxious about the time limit. I want my speech to be straightforward and easy to follow, and have as little rambling as possible. So, since my speech is a commemoration I need to make sure I only include the important details and focus on the big picture.

  12. Journal 13:
    For speech 3, we are to talk about how much someone means to us. To me, this is personal and my emotions may get in the way of my speech. In my opinion, a strength that I have as I prepare for my speech is the way that I am able to project my voice throughout the class. However, my anxieties outweigh my strength. I feel like I am going to fidget, lose eye contact, and use a lot of filler words. Although, I will try and practice so that those anxieties do not affect me. I am also concerned about my conclusion, I want to be able to ease the audience out of my speech, this was also a problem in my previous speeches. I think that with the dry-run, these anxieties and problems will decrease and I will feel more comfortable when presenting my speech. Overall, with more preparation for this speech, I think that this speech can be an improvement from the previous speeches.

  13. Journal 13
    What you are most anxious about?

    Going into the dry run I feel pretty good for the most part, but some things that I am worried about are I want to mention a lot of stories in my speech but I feel if I mention them all it will take up a lot of time and I will overrun my time. So going into this I want to try and practice making my stories brief or just picking out specific stories that I feel are the most impactful about them. Also I’m very used to doing bullet points for my speeches and Not writing things up but this time I had to write up an intro and a conclusion and I’m nervous that I am going to be looking at my screen too much during the dry run so I’m going to practice memorizing it or get a good jist of it during my dry run. Besides those things, I feel very confident in my speech, but if I hear something or a way someone else approached the speech then I may adjust mine.

  14. My strengths as I approach the dry runs are as follows. I can talk about Jade all day so it will not be hard for me to run out of words. Also, I have a good idea of what the toasts looked like at her wedding, because it just happened and I was there. My weaknesses are definitely the delivery. I have to paint a picture about jade so that the audience feels like they know here. While if I was at her wedding, obviously everyone their would know who I’m talking about since they would literally be there. I feel like it will be awkward talking about someone nobody knows besides me, but I guess we’re all in the same boat, so it will be fine. I am also feeling like the “toast” will be weird since, no one is actually drinking unless I bring in like glasses of water. I know I’ll have a picture of her, I just feel like the actual speech will be hard for the audience to connect with since literally none of them have any idea about eho Jade is and what’s she’s been through and done as a person. I just hope not to get emotional during the speech.

  15. My anxieties surrounding this next speech mostly are portraying my cousin poorly and incorrectly. I want people to see her the way I see her. As a role model. She is one of my favorite people in my life, and I want to do her justice? If that makes sense. I know it’s just in front of a small group of people that don’t know her, and may not really care what I have to say about her, but I want them to know her/care about her similarly to how I do? Unrealistically. I also am nervous that I am going to have a really boring, cookie-cutter speech about a person I care about. I don’t want it to just be a “this is my cousin. I love her because she is nice and funny”, basic kind of speech. I want my speech to be somewhat memorable. And of course I have the nervousness of delivering the speech in front of my peers and embarrassing myself, but that isn’t unique to this particular speech. My strengths? I am not so good at picking out my strengths. I would say I am good at improvising when I need to, most of the time. There have been times when practicing for my delivery when I improvised and it went horribly. But again, for the most part, I think I am able to keep a cool head and continue on with my speech if say I did forget where I was in delivering my speech.

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