To prepare for our “dry-dry run” next class, spend 20-30 minutes thinking and writing down what form your speech is taking, what ideas seem really good, and where your challenged at present.  Remember, for the dry-dry run, our goal is to talk through what you’re intending to do, in about 1-2 minutes (as opposed to actually delivering a version of the speech).  We’ll pop into at least 2 different groups next class (if time).

14 thoughts on “JOURNAL # 12

  1. When it comes to our dry dry run next class, I have been able to figure out what type of speech I want to present. The form of my speech is going to be a toast and it is going to be for my high school swim team coach, Coach French. When it comes to composing my outline for this speech, I have been able to break up what I want to talk about into three separate categories. I am going to mention in my toast the skills he has taught me, the ways he has helped me and how he has put my needs and others needs first. I have also been able to talk about reasons why I broke up my categories that way by showing how he has done each of those things for me. The challenges I see when it comes to this speech is remembering the specific moments he has done this and how to put those moments into words. I have been able to come up with moments for the lessons he has taught, and I have been able to do the same for the other two categories, but those categories have broader examples than the specific moment I put for the life lessons. I feel as I have more time to prepare and as I go through my dry runs, I will be able to practice exactly what I want to say for each of the categories.

  2. Journal 12
    For my dry-dry run, I am planning on continuing to throw around ideas of what would work and what wouldn’t. I have already started my outline and I want to continue to work on it and make improvements. When I go on Wednesday, I have a few questions that I am going to ask. My main question is that I am wondering if I can make a totally false type of story for the class. In regard to my toast, I want to know if I can make up a story that my aunt is getting married. She’s been married for a long time but it would fit better in this scenario and it would be easier for me to write about. I’m also intending on bouncing ideas off of others to see if they sound correct or if they need improvement. I also want to explore other options other than a toast speech incase a different format would be easier for me to write with. Another thing that I am intending on doing is continuing my list of adjectives for my aunt. I feel that I am lacking a strong list that accurately describes her bubbly outgoing character. Along with this, I want a really strong word choice in my speech. I feel that I have been very redundant in my word choice and that my transitions have been too choppy. If I can make a good, in depth list of words, I can sprinkle them throughout my speech more easily when I am composing it.

  3. As my speech currently sits, it is a commemorative speech, specifically a commemorative speech about my father that goes over the three traits he passed on to me that help make him one of the most important people in the world to me. I believe my speech does a good job commemorating my fathers strong work ethic, love for God, and loyalty to his family. I really like how I have explained my father’s work ethic because I believe I did a good job weaving in my main example into the story. I also believe my introduction is quite solid. It is nice and concise, giving you all of the information you need while remaining short. I do believe that I need to tweak my commemoration of my dads love for God and Loyalty to his family, it isn’t that they don’t get my ideas across, it’s that I might be able to make some changes that can improve the quality of the explanation. I also need to work on my conclusion, I always struggle to write conclusions because tying everything together in a meaningful way takes a lot of time, and time is one thing I do not have enough of.

  4. I think I figured out for the most part of what I want my speech to be like. I want to begin my speech by talking about the impact of my mom and stepdad on my life. Talk about how they care for my happiness first and want me to make decisions that will put me in the best space for my future. Then proceed to talk about their past and background and how they will work countless hours to give me and my three siblings a good life filled with happiness. I will then talk about how although they were great providers, they did not teach me a lot compared to my sister. I will then talk about how my sister is almost a second mother-figure to me and give examples of what she has done for me.

  5. For speech three, I plan to give a toast to my mom for coming so far in life despite the setbacks she’s faced. I wanted to do a background type of introduction before proceeding to the bodied paragraphs. I will talk about some of the struggles she faced as a single mother, and possibly shed some positive light on ways she showed love. Something I wanted to stress in this speech is the love our parents have for us even if they don’t say to us. The general concept will be talking about her progression throughout life. It will show how she gained the personality traits she has today, and possibly close off with the dream she had. I think this will tie back into the idea of me going to college and why I respect her so much. It will also have this underlining concept of parents are willing to provide for their children regardless of their own struggles and how they always want the best for us. I feel like I am going to struggle most with detail and conveying my message to the audience. I know what I want to say, but I’m afraid it won’t come out the way I want it to. I feel that once I make a complete draft of what I want to say then it will become a lot easier. This way I can avoid giving too much information. Maybe I’ll make two charts and see if they match the information I want to present and the underlining concept. Maybe I’ll end up talking about one.

  6. So far my speech is going to be a toast to my dad, I’m not sure in what context, but im thinking right now as if I would be saying it at like a 50th birthday party or something like that. I’m also not entirely sure how to right a toast so I plan on asking my group what there thoughts about it are when we get into our “dry dry run” groups in class on Wednesday. As of right now I have an introduction planned out and some points that I want to touch on such as stories and funny times together. I also think that my toast is going to end up being more light hearted and funny and just trying to describe how great my dad is because if I actually had to say this in front of him I would want it to show the funny side of my personality that I get from my dad. I would also want it to be more light-hearted and funny because if I were actually saying it at a birthday party of his it would be in front of my family and my family is nine times out of ten not a serious group. Finally I need to decide on exactly what I’m going to say in the body and what stories/story/examples I may tell or explain and then figure out what a good ending to a toast would be. I think I may need to watch a couple toast speeches in the meantime because I am not sure exactly how they should be written.

  7. My speech is taking the form of a toast. I am tending to have my opener that shows that I am in fact doing a toast. I find this one to be the easiest since you can make it serious but at the same time, it is supposed to be funny. I feel like that is how I normally tell stories about my friend Glenn normally. I also really enjoy how I have the flow of my speech down as well. Right now I have a good intro and then for my body I split it up into three different parts. I split it up into talking about how we met, how sincere and deep our friendship, and then throw in a funny story from when we were younger. Then for my conclusion, I am going to try to make it more serious again by talking about how our friendship is just at its beginning and we will always stay best friends. I then hope to get some feedback today during the dry-dry run about my outline. Hopefully, it is full of good reviews and nothing major needs to be changed about my speech.

  8. So far for speech 3 I have a couple of ideas that I am trying to work with. I have decided to do a toast which will be about my dad for his speech. Right now, I am trying to create my first outline draft which I will then go back and revise at a later time. I think that my outline is going well so far and I intend to make my speech have a story form so that it is easier to follow for the audience. My next steps are to finalize my outline, practice my speech, and make sure I’m hitting all of the requirements for this speech.

  9. Journal 12:
    My speech is taking the form of a toast. I wanted to do this because the speech is titled “what you mean to me” and one person I think of is my cousin Jade. She is a huge role model for me and has had a big impact in my life. I want to do a toast, since she actually just got married less than a month ago! The ideas that seem good to me are what I want to say about her. Thats easy for me to brag about Jade, since she is such a big person in my life. I could go on about how great she is for hours. Where I am challenged is how to put this in the correct form of a toast. Toasts are usually pretty short, but this speech has to be between three and five minutes. Which can end up being a little overbearing I believe. This speech will probably be awkward for me since Jade won’t actually be there, it’s in front of a bunch of people who don’t know her, and it’s not actually at her wedding. This speech would’ve been perfect a few weeks ago so I could have given a perfect toast at the wedding…had I actually been asked to.

  10. Journal 12

    In my speech, I chose to do my twin brothers. Even though they are twins they both are very different and taught me different things about life. Growing up with them we were 5 years we still grew up doing everything together and they taught me to be stronger as a person and sometimes things don’t always go the way you want but that’s how it is. During my dry dry run, I think that I’m going to just talk about the different events that we did together that make me who I am. I also want to talk about their success because they are both successful in very different ways. I think I’m going to approach this speech like an introduction speech introducing them and talking about each of their achievements and how they have been successful in life. I’m looking forward to this because it gives me a chance to talk about them and show off what great people they are and how they have molded me into the person that I am today. Also during the dry run, I’m going to mention what different ways they have motivated me throughout life.

  11. For my next speech, I think I know who I want to talk about. I would like to do a speech of introduction that way I can introduce the person, talk about their background, and then add some anecdotes to go with what I’ll be talking about. I think writing the introduction would be the easiest part. However, trying to find the perfect anecdotes or trying to remember some of them might be challenging. I want my anecdotes to be meaningful and flow easily with the description of the person. Again, writing the conclusion would be as challenging as previously. I would like to focus on it to make my ending meaningful and not seem rushed. I would like to continue working on my working outline and take some time to practice the things that I have written down. I would also like to start looking for new transition words to try to minimize my space words.

  12. This week we are working on a speech about someone that is important to us. My plan is to have a speech about my aunt because she means a lot to me. I think that for my speech, I want to do either an introduction or toast speech, that way I will be able to give the information/emotion I want to express. At the moment, my challenge is figuring how my speech will fit into that form of speech, because I know what it is I want to say, however, I am not sure how it will fit in a specific form of speech. My goal is to have a clear idea of what I am going to do for my speech, and hopefully I can figure it out during my dry-dry run. Overall, I think I am on track, because I know what I want to say, but I am unsure as to how I am to say it.

  13. I knew exactly who I was going to do from the start. I obviously love my parents and could talk for hours about them, however, I wanted to do someone outside of family that is really important to me. I chose to do my soccer coach and family friend. I will be having my speech take the form of a toast and do a toast to him at a soccer banquet as him retiring from being a soccer coach. I think that I have a lot of good ideas laid out and know the flow of how my speech will go. I just need to figure out how I am going to put it all together and make the toast within the required time. I want to talk about how I got the know him and how he has affected my life from being both my coach and my friend. I also want to talk about some problems he has helped me and my team with and why he is a mentor to me. Some challenges of this toast are that some of the things I want to say are very personal and I don’t feel too comfortable sharing it with the whole class. One improvement that I also always need to make is my volume and speaking louder. Overall, I think I am well prepared for this speech thus far.

  14. (sorry I originally wrote this down on paper) I am thinking of doing a toast to my mom. so far, I have her strengths, what I’ve learned from her, what I want others to know, and a quick comical anecdote that I will be talking about. coming up with the anecdote was hard at first because I had no idea which memory to pick, but as I was writing my speech one came to mind that would fit in as an example to one of my body paragraphs.

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